Why Work With US?

Invest In Yourself

We are experts in recruitment with over 40 years combined legal sector experience. Our consultants will take time to understand your background & motivations, offering not only clear advice on how to get the best out of your CV, but also offering first hand knowledge & experience of the hiring process.


Your CV will often be the first time a prospective employer will learn anything about you, so it is absolutely vital it makes an immediate, positive impression (as will your LinkedIn profile). There is no "one size fits all" and while there are of course useful pointers that can be applied to drafting (please refer to the Hints & Tips section of our website for further information), every lawyer is unique and time should be taken to present your candidacy in the most appropriate format, highlighting your particular skills, strengths and experience. 


​With ongoing challenges to the global economy and a significant contraction in available employment opportunities worldwide, the legal recruitment market has never been more competitive, compounding the need to produce a well crafted CV before embarking upon your job search. Employers are cutting costs and direct applications will be encouraged, so time and effort should be made in the preparation of your document.

Those wishing to learn more should send their current CV to us in confidence for a no obligation review, whereupon we will advise on the scope and cost of work required, if any (we will be sure to advise you should your details already be in good shape!).

 We do not act as an employment agency and will not retain your details. 

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