Hints & Tips

Some Things To Keep In Mind


When drafting a legal CV it pays to keep things simple at all times.

Avoid the use of photographs, graphics or multiple colours.

Choose a simple format and clear font that can be read easily.

CV Length depends on many factors. One or two pages is not always sufficient. 

Errors of any kind will ultimately have negative consequences.


Gaps in time lines should be avoided at all costs. Account for everything. 

 Concentrate on actual achievements and experience. Avoid clichés. 

 Everything included should be factual, relevant and ideally recent.

 Ensure that your "strong points" are on the front page. 

 Where possible, look to tailor the CV to the role you are applying for.

Spelling & Grammar

Spelling mistakes are simply not acceptable. Review, review, and review again.

United Kingdom or American, English - not both. 

 Correct application of the present and past tense is imperative.

 Consistent use of first or third person should be maintained throughout.

 Read the CV out loud. If anything sounds wrong, it usually is.